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Understanding Adult Guardianship in Alberta

An adult who has been affected by illness, accident, aging, or disability may require assistance in decision making where there is a legitimate concern for the person’s welfare. In Alberta, the adult guardianship process is established by the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act, S.A. 2008, c. A-4.2. Contact Us Today When is a guardian needed? An adult is presumed to have the capacity to make decisions until the contrary is determined. “Capacity”, as defined in the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act, means the ability to understand information relevant to a decision and to appreciate the reasonably [...]

By |02/12/2022|

How Does Separation or Divorce Affect My Estate Planning?

Separation and estate planning in Alberta The end of a marriage or common-law relationship causes changes in many important aspects of your life. It can be a period of considerable turmoil, and it is not surprising that one area people may forget to deal with is the impact of the separation or divorce on their estate planning. The end of your relationship probably means that some of the people named in your will, your personal directive or your power of attorney are no longer the people you want to be there. You may also have new people in [...]

By |03/10/2022|

Is an Ex-Spouse Entitled to the Deceased’s Estate in Alberta?

Making an estate plan as early as possible in life is a wise move — but it only works if you revisit your plan frequently and make the necessary changes as your life situation evolves. A divorce is one such event that can complicate many aspects of one’s life — including your estate plan. Unless you make changes to your will, for instance, there may be unintended consequences after you pass away. An ex-spouse or adult interdependent partner (AIP) could potentially claim a share of your estate, against your wishes, unless the appropriate documentation is updated. Ambiguity with estate [...]

By |08/09/2022|

New Trustee Act Intended to Simplify Estate Management in Alberta

On March 29, 2022, the Alberta government introduced Bill 12, the Trustee Act, which the province has described as legislation to make it “more efficient to create and manage trusts while reducing the need to go to court”. The Act received Royal Assent on April 29 and will come into force upon proclamation. These legislative changes may make trusts a more interesting option for people of all income levels to manage their assets. Learn More → Difference Between an Estate Trustee and an Executor in Alberta? Contact Us Today What is a Trust and How is [...]

By |19/08/2022|

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